Let the Dawn Come

Let the blue sky

Wash into a sea

Of red, orange, and yellow.

Let the sun shine

Onto fields of wheat.

Let the tall grass in the meadow

Be covered in morning dewdrops.

Let the dawn come.


Let the wind

Rustle the leaves of a tree

As light bursts from

The uneven horizon.

Let rays of sweet sunshine

Illuminate the world around

And expose the hidden

Crevices of the night.

Let the dawn come.


Let the horrors of

The dark stormy night

Fade away in a cacophony

Of vibrant new colors.

Let the gray clouds part

To release the day that follows

As the heavens peer through.

Let the dawn come.


Let the sadness wash away

To spark up a fiery soul

That has never been seen

Before the load is lightened.

Let eyes see that,

Through every trial of despair

And the moments when

It is a new moon only offering

A shrouded feeling of hopelessness,

Every night comes to an end

As light rises from the shadow

And the single thing to do is

Let the dawn come.

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