A Bit Like Horror

Falling in love

Is a bit like a horror movie,

With you in the starring role.


It starts out nice

A good, happy day

With nothing seemingly wrong,

But you know that there’s something

Just around the corner.

Something in you suspects

That there might be a thing going on.


Your heart will race

When you feel it coming,

Pounding in your chest

Like the beat of a drum

With your hands getting sweaty,

And your breaths a bit shaky.


When it hits,

You’ll be scared,

And you will never know

What is around the bend,

Or what is at the end

Of the dark, creaky hallway.


People will make stupid decisions,

Including you sometimes,

And you’ll watch others die,

Even when they fight to save it.


You’ll want to run sometimes,

Get away as fast as possible,

Or you might want to give up

And let your own die,

Just to stop the fear

And the pain that it might cause.


But it’s worth fighting for,

Both your life and your heart.

If you believe you can

Defeat the monsters

That try to get in your way,

You might come out bruised,

And there may be a few scars,

But you’ll feel more alive

Than you ever had before.


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