Happy Again

You whisper in my ear

Sweet nothings that seem

To make my heart

Pound in my chest

Like the beat of a drum,

And I don’t want

For you to ever stop.


Hold me tightly

In the middle

Of the black night,

And be my moon

Be my stars

That will chase away

The darkness that I fear.


Kiss me softly

And let me feel

All you will give me,

All I am willing

To give in return

As I lose myself

In your gentle touch.


I want to inhale you,

Or let you course

Through my veins.

Make me forget

The horrid world

That crushes me

Every single day.


So Cocaine I ask

For your rush and ability

To take me away to

A place I don’t know,

Better than the torture

I go through without

A single break.


Heroin I call you

To flood me inside

With your promises,

Even if they are

Nothing but lies

To comfort my soul,

And even for a second

Make me happy again.

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