Forgive Your Sins

I always see the best in people,

My greatest gift and greatest flaw,

Because I look so hard for the good

That I force myself to forget the bad,

Or refuse to see it in the first place.

And when others try to put

The flashing signs in front of my face,

I close my eyes and walk past them.


So I get my heart punctured,

And there are times I almost bleed out.

I let myself get so lost in the ecstasy

That I ignore the pain that is sure to come

Until it tears my skin and fractures my bones.

But when I care I feel that time is fleeting,

And we don’t have time to waste

On holding onto the hurt,

So I try to let it go.

I forgive and give until

There is nothing left for me to offer,

And when I am empty handed

I still try to let others take

What I don’t have .

I let them breathe my air

And steal precious beats of my heart

With the blind hope that in the end

It will be worth all I have sacrificed.

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