A Blank Page

A blank page is worse

Than any written word,

Because every sentence

Is a piece of a soul,

Even when it doesn’t seem

Like it glows in the dark.


For ideas can spill

From graphite or ink,

In a peculiar mess

That can be manipulated

Into something as beautiful

As the galaxies in the night.


And those galaxies

Are ever changing

In the blackened sky,

Creating and destroying,

All in the same breath,

Which blows out stardust

Into forgotten places

That the naked human eye

Was never able to see.


And an idea is more descriptive

Than hundreds of thousands

Of the most stunning images

That a photographer

Could ever capture,

Because it is rather a reverse

Of a saying that has been

Put in place for years.


Because a word speaks

A million pictures,

Only within the span

Of a few simple syllables

As visions flood the mind

In sounds unspoken,

But rather heard

By open hearts.


But none of this exists

On meaningless, untouched paper,

Because each written journey

Can never be completed

Until a pencil or pen

Scars the universe

With a single stroke.


An Environment for Expression

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I would like everyone to know that People that Never Existed is an environment for expression through writing. Writing is a unique form of art that allows you to escape from reality, but at the same time, delve deeper into it that you ever imagined you could. You are able to put into words on a page what you might not be able to say out loud. You can deliver a message that so many people need to hear. You can change the world.

I, myself, will be posting in hopes that I will be able to inspire others to do the same. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there, to put your heart on your sleeve. It is literally giving someone a piece of your soul and hoping they take care of it. It is showing the deepest parts of you. It is a way of telling people who you are. That can be scary. Actually, that can be terrifying.

I would say something as cliche as “It doesn’t have to be.” but that wouldn’t be true. Even if you don’t feel it at that moment, yes, it is scary. Don’t ever feel like you’re alone in thinking that. I can’t stop that fear, nor can you in some cases, but the beauty of showing your writing is that you can conquer that fear.

Scream out to the world what you have to say, and someday, it will reply.


A Person Who Doesn’t Exist